Kids Out Driving Saturday Afternoon Just Pass Me By.

We took these pictures over a month ago. I’m not totally sure why I haven’t put them up yet but the day to day busy busy has pretty much left me lobotomized by 10pm every night. I sit on the computer and stare. That’s it. To tired to actually do anything. Too tired to read anything. Too tired to get off the chair and actually go to bed. I’ll do this until at least midnight. It’s my weird tired routine. I think it’s winter. I’ve never much been a summer person but I keep finding myself looking forward to the warm. I try not to vocalise this as a general rule because the only thing I enjoy complaining about more than being cold is complaining about the suffocating heat. I need a perfect climate controlled 24 degrees all the time and I’m happy. None of this of course has anything to do with these pictures. I can’t actually remember why we were driving around the streets of Elizabeth on a saturday afternoon but it did find us some perfect back drops. These pics don’t do this property justice. It was way worse in actual real life than the picture. You can’t really tell, but I was actually extremely nervous  whilst standing out front of this house with Cobus snapping away. Big dogs were barking and all the neighbours were peering out of windows suspiciously. Just living up to the stereo types. I kinda love it though. I don’t know why but I find it so fascinating. Next time we might stay the night?!

Pants: American Apparel, Tee: Vintage, Shirt: Army Surplus, Cardigan: Vintage, Scarf: Flea Market, Boots: Betts, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Hair and Jewellery: Diva


All You Need Is Love.

These were taken a few weeks back now. Cobus had mentioned he’d found an old dilapidated building on Payneham road so we went to check it out. It turned out to be impossible to park at so we drove around the streets behind it and accidentally found the “All you need is love” wall. It’s kinda cute. I’m especially liking the Miami Vice choice of coloured spray paint! It was a hard choice of which side to get pics on because they were both nice. So we did both. Naturally.

This dress has to be one of my favourites. It’s an actual proper winter dress. Not just layer upon layer. I bought it from after seeing it on another blogger Kani and falling in love. The same coloured cardigan was an accidental oversight when picture taking! Oops! Super cute, super warm and super CHEAP! It was about $30 from memory and it’s actually wool! No complaints from me. If you like something a bit quirky and different it’s definitely worth a visit!

A white brick wall is always the best.

Love the winter sun!

Happy graffiti!

Imagine. Cute.

Amazing that the dilapidated wall I was standing against didn’t fall over.

This is the “I look like I’ve just had a quickie pose”.

Dress: Asianicandy, Cardigan: Savers, Tights: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Op Shop- old school shoes, Socks & Beanie: Rubi, Scarf: In the Lost & Found, Belt: Vintage, Sunglasses: Vintage Uvex

The World Is Full Of Every Kind Of Colour.

Pink and red are pretty much my all time favourite colour combo. I remember when I was young being told that pink and red don’t go together. Kinda like the spots and stripes rule. Well I’ve never liked rules so it’s pretty much a given I’ll do my best to break them. I don’t bust this Wonder Womanesque belt out often enough either. I actually completely forget about it only to be a little bit excited every time I find it in my drawers. Probably a sign that my drawers are too full but who cares really. Purple is a colour I rarely wear. This jumper though hast to be THE softest and fluffiest thing I own. Love a bit of cashmere. Only problem is it leaves purple balls on everything I touch. I think I can cope with that for the sake of cuddliness though! Both jumper and skirt are from Myer. Myer actually has some cute and cheap stuff hidden amongst the their overflowing disorganised racks. That store always surprises me. It always resembles a cheapo bargain store. Weird.

I normally put a song I just kinda like but generally has no relation to anything I’ve written… oh, wait, this is the same. Check it out though! Ok Go always make the most creative and wacky videos. This one is just plain cute.

The mandatory playing with my hair pose.

Oh yeah. Smug as the shit.

Skirt: Tokito, Jumper: Tokito, Belt: Vintage, Boots: Vintage, Jewellery: Diva

Won’t You Come See About Me?

Oooh I’ve been really slack this week. I’ve panned on updating this on a daily basis but haven’t quite gotten there. It was the last week of tafe on wednesday night and even though it’s only a few nights a week, I am looking forward to a couple of extra days of not walking in the door at 10pm. Just sooo tired…. I’ve been making the most of the cold slouchy weather though and these tights are ultra comfy. My little mate Alex at tafe hooked me up with them. She is a rock star! Speaking of rockstars… Is anyone going to see Simple Minds/ Devo & the Church in December? I’m pretty keen!

Action shot. Making sandwiches. Oh yeah, fun stuff!

I’ve been doing an awful lot of 80’s hair. You know, braid it the night before and wake up in a poof ball!

Tights: Jay Jays, Shoes: Vintage Escada from Claire Inc, Skirt: Supre, Shirt: Sportsgirl, Shirt: Valley Girl, Cardigan: Savers, Scarf: In the lost and found at Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, Necklace & Headband: Diva

All The Umbrellas In London Couldn’t Stop This Rain.

I had a little play date this afternoon. My lovely little helper Ruby came around to raid my closet. Kinda fun actually. I never did the whole girly dress up thing when I was young so it’s rather entertaining. The rotten rainy weather makes for good staying inside times. We made a stop off at St Vinnies on the Parade first and Ruby found THE most awesome pants I’ve seen in quite some time. They are truly ugly in every way. So ugly they are amazing! Pants that only girls could love. They didn’t fit me so I forced her to buy them. It didn’t take much force mind you….

This is my favourite scarf in the world. It cost $1 and I witnessed it being knitted by a nanna at Goodies op shop!

It’s a bit colourful over here…

OMG these pants!!! Pretty devastated they didn’t fit me but super happy Ruby agreed they were awesome enough to buy!

This is awkward…. but side ponies rule!

ME: Dress: Asianicandy, Top: Supre, Cardigan: Sportsgirl, Belt: Vintage, Scarf: Goodies, Tights & Socks: Rubi, Boots: Vintage

RUBY: Entire outfit thrifted! Not sure on the boots but I’m guessing…

You Gotta Live It Everyday.

I really love Stepney and the rickety streets around. It’s like the West but with more stuff going on around it. Just off Magill Road there are a few of these walls with some crazy artwork going on. Really cool stuff. This one is right out back of A.P Bond. If you haven’t been in there, go there. Make sure you take lots of money. Its a trap! I was convinced that this wall said “Darklands” and I’d already planned an ultra cool Jesus & Mary Chain tune but sadly it actually said “Badlands” so instead I’m stuck with the Boss. Yeah, not quite as cool…. Oh and I’m SO happy with my hair. This colour was accidental but it’s a colour I’ve never been able to achieve by trying to mix on my own. Blue over green goes crazy aqua! Yay!

Jeans: Cheap Monday, Socks: Rubi, Boots: Mollini, Top: Alistair Trung, Dress: Kookai, Jacket: Thrifted, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Necklace: Diva

Poser. Literally.

I matched my socks to my hair today. I’m serious.

I have a photograph of me on a kiddy potty on the side of the road when I was about two that this reminds me of. Weird I know. Sorry for the visuals.

Black, White and Blue. A favourite combo.

I discovered the hand after. I like it!

Only Because I’m Greener Than Green.

Oooh I’m loving this cold. Of course I complain about being cold the entire time but I love boots and jeans and layers as previously (about every post I think) mentioned. This morning I had an “oh my god how could I forget that?” moment when I spotted my ridiculously over sequinned jacket in the closet. It is squished full of them. SO many silver fleckles! Anyway, it seemed like a way to make the green hair and ripped jeans more fancy. Oh, and the necklace. Come to think of it I’m not sure what I was trying to achieve….

I am a BIG fan of a sequin in the daytime. Or anytime for that matter!

My face is doing something weird here but look at the necklace! Love it!

I know these jeans are too tight and too small but the shirt is cut like a tux jacket. Not just a black shirt to me.

Pre-crinkled, but I could have done that myself.

Action shot! Real actual work!

 Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shirt: Sportsgirl, Boots: Doc Marten, Jacket: Mango, Bag: Longchamp, Jewels & Hair: Diva

She Said Come Over Come Over.

Today we went for a freezing cold country drive. By country I mean five minutes out of Mt Barker to Nairn. By my understanding of country, anything more then 20 minutes out of town is rural. I’m always surprised by how quickly city turns to country landscape. I guess that’s the hills for you. Well, apparently Nairn has a lot to offer as far as photo taking opportunities are concerned. Never one to pass up a dilapidated, decaying background, the old train station worked out a treat. We might even have broken some rules and wandered around on the platform. Oops! Anyone heading through the hills, go see Belinda at Millies. She makes a mean coffee. Definitely warmed me up to get the courage to take these outside. Oh, and yes, I know I am wearing shorts but they are CORDUROY. I know thats a crime to some but at least my butt was toasty warm. Sadly my legs couldn’t say the same.

The steel train tracks were a little cold on the backside. How about FREEZING!!

This jacket didn’t fare so well. Pretty much filthy. I can’t do light colours. It’s a fact.

I really thought I was going to be able to push this old crane around on its spinner. Um, no.

This is me channeling Where’s Wally.

Looking like I’ve just done something really bad…

Shirt: Steven Alan, Jumper: Zara, Shorts: Factorie, Boots: Flea Market, Jacket: Country Road,  Beanie: Rubi, Jewellery: Diva, Bag: Sportsgirl, Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Hey Man If We Just Found Irony Do You Know How Ironic That Would Be?

Today I did something I’d been meaning to do for quite a while. Don’t get too excited…. I went to Target. Oh my, I do really, really like target. I can’t explain why, I’m just always impressed. We always go over to Newton so on our way home went for a little stroll at Morialta. The weather was kinda perfect today, cold but sunny. I think my favourite. Unfortunately after eating an entire packet of gummy bears in about five minutes, moving was not on the top of my to do list. Oh well. Best intentions and all that.

I always feel like I have to explain this t-shirt. Yes, I know Van Halen are awful but some stuff is kinda alright which makes it ok to wear a shirt in hipster ironic style fashion. No matter your thoughts on their tunes, they always made amazing tees. All of them. Every one colourful and crazy and an awful lot of attention and detail put into their artwork. Yes yes. I know. Still unforgivable.

Everytime I put it on it makes me think of the Bondi Hipsters. I love these guys. They nail it totally. And hey, we’re all a little bit guilty of it… no?

Why the face? Well, it was stuffed full of gummy bears. I can’t stop when I start!

My bag was going to be a temporary measure to fit my laptop in after my other one was pinched. It turns out the $30 sale bag has become much more loved and a keeper than I had anticipated.

Fluffy Hair! It’s so trashed. I wonder why?…..

Hey You! Why so serious?

Ok, that’s more like it.

I’m pretty sure I could fill this blog exclusively with pictures of me scratching my head. Weird.

Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Laredo (vintage), Tee: Vintage, Shirt: Army Surplus, Jacket: Valley Girl, Bag: Sportsgirl, Wrist Cuff: The Trash Treasury, All other Jewellery: Diva

The Paints Peeling Off The Streets Again.

The past few weeks have been full of busy and crazy changes for me. Sixteen hour days are starting to take their toll and weekends (If I manage to get a day) are becoming more and more about lazing around and doing not much. Just standing or sitting still without speaking for more than ten minutes is a luxury at the moment! That said, I look forward to getting the cozy clothes out. The tees and trashed boots and big coats. This coat is probably my favourite thing I own. I’d say I’ve had it for a good ten years or so. Does anyone remember when Cheekee was on Rundle street? It sold Japanese and Asian cute way before anyone did. I think they shut their doors just before the whole world started to catch on. Oh well. I remember I couldn’t afford this jacket (it was about $450) at the time and waited and waited and waited for it to reduce. Patience is not one of my attributes but it paid off. After what seemed like an eternity I ended up snagging it for $50. Probably the most well used $50 I’ve ever spent!

This afternoon we played hooligans, investigating abandoned buildings and such. I don’t know why, Ive just always liked that. I think I kinda had a misguided youth kinda thing going on with the hair and jacket so lucky none called the cops. That would have been super annoying…

Notice the can of petrol… I think someone had ideas for this building….

I love it. Every window smashed and half boarded up. All the insides of the building just decayed and left to rot.

The paints peeling off. Get it? Reference to my chosen song for a change!

The Jesus t-shirt is a joke. Everyone realises that right? RIGHT?!

Tee: Vintage, Skirt: IT’s a mystery!, Tights: Rubi, Cardigan: Miss Shop, Coat: Cheekee, Socks: Target, Boots: Mollini, Jewels: Diva