Hi, How Are You?

We took these pictures months ago. I actually thought I’d put them up already. I sort of dressed like a ridiculous cartoon character on this day so it seemed fitting to run into this crazy mural. I have no idea how I’d never spotted it before?! It is just tucked away running off Franklin street (I think) in the city and covers quite a bit of length down the street. I don’t know anything about it other than I think it’s cute and that I wish there was more of this wall art around the place. It adds so much colour and interest to an otherwise dull little street. It was particularly lucky that I dressed like a 90’s teenager on this day to match the wall.

Being eaten by a garage monster. I’m pretty sure I’d be tasteless and stringy by now.

It kinda appears that I’m performing some kind of dance move. I’m pretty sure I would have been swatting flies or something.

Often where the finger should be pointed.

The obligatory playing-with-my-hair photo. There’s one in every session.

Skirt: Valley Girl, Top: DSquared, Cardigan: Savers, Tights: KMart (I think), Socks: Rubi, Boots: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Bag: Sportsgirl


I’m Just A Boy With A New Haircut.

I have a backlog of photos but I’ve just been so busy busy that my desktop just keeps piling up with them. These were taken a few weeks back now when our buddy Mike came for a quick visit from Melbourne back to see the old Adelaide people. We’ve known each other pretty much forever so when he asked for a hair cut I didn’t even hesitate. I’m either a really good friend for just doing it or a really shitty friend for playing Guinea Pig on his head. Hmm. Oh well, he got a Hipster haircut so I guess I did ok yeah?!

See, I look like I know what I’m doing….. I don’t. It was all improvisation!

Point proven. I got rid of the hair with my favourite house accessory ever. The hand held Dyson. He wasn’t so impressed. Beats a broom I say.

Looking good Mikey! Nice Zoolander pose by the way!

Like a pro!

Me: Jumper: Sportsgirl, Tights: Jay Jays, Boots: Mollini, Scarf: Rubi.

Mike: It’s hard to say really…

All The Umbrellas In London Couldn’t Stop This Rain.

I had a little play date this afternoon. My lovely little helper Ruby came around to raid my closet. Kinda fun actually. I never did the whole girly dress up thing when I was young so it’s rather entertaining. The rotten rainy weather makes for good staying inside times. We made a stop off at St Vinnies on the Parade first and Ruby found THE most awesome pants I’ve seen in quite some time. They are truly ugly in every way. So ugly they are amazing! Pants that only girls could love. They didn’t fit me so I forced her to buy them. It didn’t take much force mind you….

This is my favourite scarf in the world. It cost $1 and I witnessed it being knitted by a nanna at Goodies op shop!

It’s a bit colourful over here…

OMG these pants!!! Pretty devastated they didn’t fit me but super happy Ruby agreed they were awesome enough to buy!

This is awkward…. but side ponies rule!

ME: Dress: Asianicandy, Top: Supre, Cardigan: Sportsgirl, Belt: Vintage, Scarf: Goodies, Tights & Socks: Rubi, Boots: Vintage

RUBY: Entire outfit thrifted! Not sure on the boots but I’m guessing…

Only Because I’m Greener Than Green.

Oooh I’m loving this cold. Of course I complain about being cold the entire time but I love boots and jeans and layers as previously (about every post I think) mentioned. This morning I had an “oh my god how could I forget that?” moment when I spotted my ridiculously over sequinned jacket in the closet. It is squished full of them. SO many silver fleckles! Anyway, it seemed like a way to make the green hair and ripped jeans more fancy. Oh, and the necklace. Come to think of it I’m not sure what I was trying to achieve….

I am a BIG fan of a sequin in the daytime. Or anytime for that matter!

My face is doing something weird here but look at the necklace! Love it!

I know these jeans are too tight and too small but the shirt is cut like a tux jacket. Not just a black shirt to me.

Pre-crinkled, but I could have done that myself.

Action shot! Real actual work!

 Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shirt: Sportsgirl, Boots: Doc Marten, Jacket: Mango, Bag: Longchamp, Jewels & Hair: Diva

Watch Me Unravel, I’ll Soon Be Naked.

All these years later I still get the sweater song stuck in my head when I pull on a big fuzzy jumper. Theres nothing better in my opinion. The bigger the better. It’s not somewhere I would have naturally guessed would have great knits cheap but Sportsgirl always proves itself a winner in the jumper and cardigan department. There is almost always some kind of sale or discount happening. This particular one cost $30 on super sale and is pure Angora. None of that acrylic junk. I love winter. The colder the better. Really it’s because I like getting wrapped up like a snowman. Also, I cant be totally sure but I think this is actually a dress. It’s hard to tell. I always buy about two to three sizes too big in jumpers so maybe if it fit it would be. Mmmm…cozy.Thankfully I got my stolen face back (Make up was pinched too) and I have my face back. Hooray! Thanks MAC girls!

So it’s official. Blue dye is the colour that refuses to wash out. I think I’m stuck with it for good now!

Jumper: Sportsgirl, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Vintage, Scarf: Rubi, Bag: Chloe