Number Three Hundred and Sixty Six.

I figured I had better squish in a catch up post before this year is officially at an end. Somehow I’ve had more spare time but I’ve been paying less attention to my computer and all things internet in general. Not a bad thing really but I just get a bit behind. It’s fairly well documented and known by all that I hate christmas. Can’t stand it. How stressful does one day need to be? And really for what? Anyhoo, I’ve often copped a bit of flack for my Grinch like opinions of the day but I maintain my position. Especially after the food poisoning I was gifted on christmas night. Oh yeah, a gift that kept on giving! Three full days in bed, a visit from the ambos and a whole lot of white rice later I reentered the world. I’m still a bit exhausted from the whole thing but I do have a few things from christmas I can still enjoy. I got a few super gifts, one of which was a “supa-fit” version of myself. I like the name. It’s a dress form for my frock making and what not. I adjusted her all to my measurements and for the first time in my life I actually realised how small I am. Weird huh?! I got some jewels and hair bits and bobs and a voucher for two hours at Endota day spa which I’m saving for when I won’t just fall asleep on the massage table!
photoIt’s me and sup a-fit!

photo copy

All those dials were pretty entertaining.

Oh, and I’m blonde again! Only because the pale purple washed out.

I’m was pretty happy with this dress. $13 from Nikki Fashion. It’s fully netted and poofy underneath too!

Dress: Nikki Fashion, Cardigan: Savers, Sandals: Spoiled, Necklace: Diva (old), Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

The only christmas song I’ve ever liked…


The World Is Full Of Every Kind Of Colour.

Pink and red are pretty much my all time favourite colour combo. I remember when I was young being told that pink and red don’t go together. Kinda like the spots and stripes rule. Well I’ve never liked rules so it’s pretty much a given I’ll do my best to break them. I don’t bust this Wonder Womanesque belt out often enough either. I actually completely forget about it only to be a little bit excited every time I find it in my drawers. Probably a sign that my drawers are too full but who cares really. Purple is a colour I rarely wear. This jumper though hast to be THE softest and fluffiest thing I own. Love a bit of cashmere. Only problem is it leaves purple balls on everything I touch. I think I can cope with that for the sake of cuddliness though! Both jumper and skirt are from Myer. Myer actually has some cute and cheap stuff hidden amongst the their overflowing disorganised racks. That store always surprises me. It always resembles a cheapo bargain store. Weird.

I normally put a song I just kinda like but generally has no relation to anything I’ve written… oh, wait, this is the same. Check it out though! Ok Go always make the most creative and wacky videos. This one is just plain cute.

The mandatory playing with my hair pose.

Oh yeah. Smug as the shit.

Skirt: Tokito, Jumper: Tokito, Belt: Vintage, Boots: Vintage, Jewellery: Diva