I Know There’s A Big World Out There.

Photos I completely forgot about. Again. Random weekend driving around. I have no idea what we were doing but we ended up on some run down streets way out west. I love these wrecked sited. I really liked all the piles of old bombed out cars. I don’t know what it is….1234

Shirts: both American Apparel, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Mollini, Jacket: Target, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, Jewellery: Diva & thetrashtreasury


So You Think You’re In The Middle Of The Ocean.

The beach was being rather disagreeable with me this past weekend. I got sandblasted and seemed to end up in some kind of strange trance from all the sun exposure. I’m really not a summer person so it takes me a little adjusting. I have been trying my hardest to dress girly and summery. Despite most of my pics, my default clothing is layers of black and heavy boots. Girly doesn’t come particularly naturally so I can tend to go over the top. This skirt really isn’t my typical purchase but I found it adorable as soon as I saw it. It looks soft and frilly but is actually quite a stiff fabric. I like that. I’d never heard of this brand Passion Fusion that I found at LAX Fashion  but I quite like all they have on offer. Cute stuff! Plus little stuff. Perfect for me! 

Skirt: Passion Fusion, Top: American Apparel, Sandals: Hong Kong, Bag: Givenchy, Jewellery: Diva, Sunglasses: Karen Walker

There’s A Lilac Tree Named After You.

So, I’ve been doing something that I typically don’t do….. comfort dressing. I’m almost ashamed to say it. Not that I’ve ever been the type of girl that wears heels all day and teeters around but I have always been a fan of the jeans so tight they’re practically compression stockings. I like it. I find something comforting about skin tight denim. They are essentially my version of a hugging machine. So now and then I look at pants and have mixed emotions. They always look sooo comfortable but in fabric that thin I might as well not be wearing pants. This is my strange logic. In any case, I saw these pants at the Supre clearance shop (a store I like a little bit too much given my usual taste) for $5.50 and I thought worst case scenario I’ll wear them around the house. Turns out I kinda like them. I feel like a different person in this more puffy silhouette though. WEIRD!

There it is… the hair flicking shot.

Your butt feels everything when it’s only covered in a thin layer of cotton. None of that tough denim protection!

It’s rare for me to admit but I’m actually really liking my hair colour at the moment. Pity it will wash out before I next leave the house. Also, I’m so glad I got these glasses. I almost didn’t because of the weird colour but I actually kinda love them now. Win!

Pants: Supre, Shoes: Witchery (super old), Belt: Vintage, Top: H&M, Vest: Valley Girl, Necklace: Diva, Sunglasses: Karen Walker, Bag: Givenchy

Still In Hong Kong.

Well not really. It’s just that my picture folder is still clogged with sooo many photos I need to sift through of our Hong Kong and China get away. It’s hard to do because it feels like it was so long ago already! I think it was actually only six weeks or so. Boy time moves quick. This week would have been the perfect opportunity to catch up and do some of this stuff. I’ve pretty much done nothing but cough and grumble and lie around in bed with a book I can’t seem to focus on and my laptop which I’ve spent endless hours on yet achieved nothing. Being sick actually kinda sucks! Now I’m feeling almost totally better, albeit still fairly low on energy I’m annoyed that I actually did NOTHING all week. I’m not really comfortable with the “I needed to rest” thing because I have stuff to do!! Oh well, I guess I’m all rested up for an unbelievably busy week ahead. So just to make myself feel better I’ll get a few more of these pics up!

Some random sign way up on a building Cobus spotted. I really, really like it. I guess that’s where it all starts.

I found these shorts just out of Shenzen China on a street stall for about $3au. I could have bartered and probably gotten them for 50c but who cares! They are elasticised at the waist and puff out at the back in a fashion that would best accommodate some sort of diaper. Lucky I don’t actually care about what is flattering and what isn’t. This should be obvoius by the several puffy and awkward layers I have piled upon myself here. I’m not sure what was going on. The most stylish element of this outfit was the soles which had separated themselves from my actual shoes. They went in the bin that night.

I felt kinda dirty shopping at chain stores such as H&M and Forever 21 but I can’t help it! I love them! I do kinda hope we never have them here. It will spoil my fun. I always look forward to mega shopping sprees at these places for a pittance. 

Shirt: Nikki Fashions, Tank: American Apparel, Shorts: Street market, Shoes: Rubi, Necklace: Diva,

Sunglasses: Karen Walker, Bag: Givenchy

Tourists Swarm To See Your Face.

The past month and a bit has been an absolute whirlwind! I didn’t realise how long it had actually been since I’d used this thing until I caught a look at the massive backlog of photos sitting on my desktop. Oops!

So…. I guess I’ll just get a few out so I feel like I’m sharing.We spent a couple of weeks in Hong Kong and China a few weeks ago now and much to my surprise I think Hong Kong is my favourite travel destination. I wasn’t expecting it but I just love it. I think I’ll be needing to head back there in the not so distant future. Me, who usually loathes hot weather, even totally loved the climate. Hot, sticky and overcast. Maybe I am getting old? Apparently that’s what happens!

I’m not even sure where to start with pics so I’m just slapping them all down. Not one for order!

The ferry from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. I am looking slightly uneasy as I didn’t pack my kwells. Yup. I’m one of those sea sickness people. Luckily it was a quick ride!

Unsurprisingly, Trendyland wasn’t all that trendy. Bummer.

Super awesome, tacky girly shoes. Love these places.

Look at that hideous thing in the window. How can you not love these places!

I was always easy to find. I was the only person with pink hair. Bonus!

Total chaos in the streets but everyone seems to get where they need to go without the stress.

Shoes!!! All small too. Definitely wins points with me!

Dress: Nikki Fashion, Shoes: Rubi (I destroyed these in about 3 days), Earrings: Diva, Necklace: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ray- Ban, Bag: Sportsgirl

Cobus had a suit made up by famous Hong Kong tailors at Mr Simpson Sin. These guys were AMAZING to watch. They whip up bespoke suits in just hours. Being a textiles student even the idea of drawing and cutting a pattern in hours is mind boggling. Even more impressive is that Cobus only needed one fitting. It was perfect first fit. Wow. Oh, and did I mention that it’s seriously cheap?!

I was really wishing I was a guy and needed a suit. So many beautiful fabrics.

Again more measuring. We actually heard of this place on Anthony Bourdains Layover show. Kinda embarrassing but the best advice I’ve ever gotten from a travel program. It was very touristy of us given there are dozens of these tailors lining the streets. I’m a fan of tried and true though so I’d recommend Simpson Sin to anyone.

All You Need Is Love.

These were taken a few weeks back now. Cobus had mentioned he’d found an old dilapidated building on Payneham road so we went to check it out. It turned out to be impossible to park at so we drove around the streets behind it and accidentally found the “All you need is love” wall. It’s kinda cute. I’m especially liking the Miami Vice choice of coloured spray paint! It was a hard choice of which side to get pics on because they were both nice. So we did both. Naturally.

This dress has to be one of my favourites. It’s an actual proper winter dress. Not just layer upon layer. I bought it from AsianiCandy.com after seeing it on another blogger Kani and falling in love. The same coloured cardigan was an accidental oversight when picture taking! Oops! Super cute, super warm and super CHEAP! It was about $30 from memory and it’s actually wool! No complaints from me. If you like something a bit quirky and different it’s definitely worth a visit!

A white brick wall is always the best.

Love the winter sun!

Happy graffiti!

Imagine. Cute.

Amazing that the dilapidated wall I was standing against didn’t fall over.

This is the “I look like I’ve just had a quickie pose”.

Dress: Asianicandy, Cardigan: Savers, Tights: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Op Shop- old school shoes, Socks & Beanie: Rubi, Scarf: In the Lost & Found, Belt: Vintage, Sunglasses: Vintage Uvex

The World Is Full Of Every Kind Of Colour.

Pink and red are pretty much my all time favourite colour combo. I remember when I was young being told that pink and red don’t go together. Kinda like the spots and stripes rule. Well I’ve never liked rules so it’s pretty much a given I’ll do my best to break them. I don’t bust this Wonder Womanesque belt out often enough either. I actually completely forget about it only to be a little bit excited every time I find it in my drawers. Probably a sign that my drawers are too full but who cares really. Purple is a colour I rarely wear. This jumper though hast to be THE softest and fluffiest thing I own. Love a bit of cashmere. Only problem is it leaves purple balls on everything I touch. I think I can cope with that for the sake of cuddliness though! Both jumper and skirt are from Myer. Myer actually has some cute and cheap stuff hidden amongst the their overflowing disorganised racks. That store always surprises me. It always resembles a cheapo bargain store. Weird.

I normally put a song I just kinda like but generally has no relation to anything I’ve written… oh, wait, this is the same. Check it out though! Ok Go always make the most creative and wacky videos. This one is just plain cute.

The mandatory playing with my hair pose.

Oh yeah. Smug as the shit.

Skirt: Tokito, Jumper: Tokito, Belt: Vintage, Boots: Vintage, Jewellery: Diva

A Simple Kind Of Life.

So, I thought I hated this hot pink hair. Turns out I don’t mind it. Kinda like it even. It was bugging me that I couldn’t figure out what it reminded me of. Then it hit me. Gwen Stefani in No Doubt circa late 90’s with red lips and braces. She was so awkwardly cute back then. She had her own style even before she was ‘fashionable’ as such. I’ve never been a huge fan but the lady is something. I like her.

This dress I found in one of those super cheap stores in Regent arcade that all the cute little Hong Kong girls seem to shop and work in. Cute dresses that are dirt cheap and terribly constructed. This dress is hemmed with a loose overlock stitch which luckily blends in to the whoosh fabric. So crap though. Threads hanging out everywhere too and a zipper that gets jammed. I sacrificed quality for cute on this one. Oh, the worst bit though is the most unflattering neck/ arm line I’ve ever encountered. It looks all nice with something under it but wow, you don’t want to see this sans sleeves. It gives me grandma arms which are a lie!!!! I’ll stay shirted for now.

I guess this is an action shot?

There it is again… squinty face!

I think this face is called ‘smug’.

Dress: Paper Heart, Top: American Apparel, Belt: Vintage, Socks & Scarf: Rubi, Boots: Wittner, Cardigan: Shibuya 290, Bag: Chloe, Necklace: Diva

I Think I Need A New Heart.

One thing these pictures don’t tell you is that I’ve done a fairly good job of singeing off some of my eyebrows and half my eyelashes on my left eye. That’s right, they caught on fire as I leant over a stove. Lesson learnt: well not much, except that MAC mascara and eyebrow pencils are highly flammable. Catching even. I’m still a supporter though and my Ruby Woo red lipstick always makes me feel like I’ve put in a bit of an effort with my appearance when I really haven’t put in any. Or not much at least!

It was really hard not to squint.

Angry bitch face from all the sun squinting.

Dress: Kawaii, Belt: Vintage, Cardigan: Barneys Co-op, Scarf: Rubi, Boots: Laredo (vintage), Bag: Sportsgirl

And Pink Versus Black, Black Versus Magenta.

I haven’t Taken a picture all week. Out the door before light and back in when it’s dark. Not great photo taking stuff. Luckily photo booth washes me out with white light so you can’t see the bags under my eyes and the tired in my face. What you can see is hair dye left in way too long.  I think I’m too scared to like it. Too bright!!! I am scared of slipping back into the 90’s….. Some teenage loved ambient-trip-hop-pop-whatever  to back up my theory…