The Sunlight’s Making Me Feel Paranoid.

Lately we just don’t seem to be able to get any photos before the light goes down. Yesterday we managed to find some overgrown suburban wasteland with about ten minutes before we lost the sun. The fading light made the depressing abandoned lot seem a whole lot more sad and depressing. I like that! Just when I thought nothing exciting could possibly happen… Voila! I found a coat rack lying abandoned in the weeds. Poor coat rack. I thought it was best to give it one last chance at life. I wonder how it got there?  I was temporarily entertained…

Purple! (again)

Random stinky old suitcase. It was all beaten up but had some awesome orange neon straps. Small things get me excited.

Tried and true sunnies. I always go back to them.

I was REALLY happy with my discovery in the weeds….

It’s a coat rack! Of course!

Tee: Vintage Harley Davidson, Cardigan: Shibuya 290, Shorts: Supre, Tights: K Mart, Shoes: Vintage Escada, Scarf: In the lost & found, Beanie: Sportsgirl, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, Bag: Longchamp, Wristband: The Trash Treasury