I Know There’s A Big World Out There.

Photos I completely forgot about. Again. Random weekend driving around. I have no idea what we were doing but we ended up on some run down streets way out west. I love these wrecked sited. I really liked all the piles of old bombed out cars. I don’t know what it is….1234

Shirts: both American Apparel, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Mollini, Jacket: Target, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, Jewellery: Diva & thetrashtreasury


Hey Man If We Just Found Irony Do You Know How Ironic That Would Be?

Today I did something I’d been meaning to do for quite a while. Don’t get too excited…. I went to Target. Oh my, I do really, really like target. I can’t explain why, I’m just always impressed. We always go over to Newton so on our way home went for a little stroll at Morialta. The weather was kinda perfect today, cold but sunny. I think my favourite. Unfortunately after eating an entire packet of gummy bears in about five minutes, moving was not on the top of my to do list. Oh well. Best intentions and all that.

I always feel like I have to explain this t-shirt. Yes, I know Van Halen are awful but some stuff is kinda alright which makes it ok to wear a shirt in hipster ironic style fashion. No matter your thoughts on their tunes, they always made amazing tees. All of them. Every one colourful and crazy and an awful lot of attention and detail put into their artwork. Yes yes. I know. Still unforgivable.

Everytime I put it on it makes me think of the Bondi Hipsters. I love these guys. They nail it totally. And hey, we’re all a little bit guilty of it… no?

Why the face? Well, it was stuffed full of gummy bears. I can’t stop when I start!

My bag was going to be a temporary measure to fit my laptop in after my other one was pinched. It turns out the $30 sale bag has become much more loved and a keeper than I had anticipated.

Fluffy Hair! It’s so trashed. I wonder why?…..

Hey You! Why so serious?

Ok, that’s more like it.

I’m pretty sure I could fill this blog exclusively with pictures of me scratching my head. Weird.

Jeans: Cheap Monday, Boots: Laredo (vintage), Tee: Vintage, Shirt: Army Surplus, Jacket: Valley Girl, Bag: Sportsgirl, Wrist Cuff: The Trash Treasury, All other Jewellery: Diva

The Paints Peeling Off The Streets Again.

The past few weeks have been full of busy and crazy changes for me. Sixteen hour days are starting to take their toll and weekends (If I manage to get a day) are becoming more and more about lazing around and doing not much. Just standing or sitting still without speaking for more than ten minutes is a luxury at the moment! That said, I look forward to getting the cozy clothes out. The tees and trashed boots and big coats. This coat is probably my favourite thing I own. I’d say I’ve had it for a good ten years or so. Does anyone remember when Cheekee was on Rundle street? It sold Japanese and Asian cute way before anyone did. I think they shut their doors just before the whole world started to catch on. Oh well. I remember I couldn’t afford this jacket (it was about $450) at the time and waited and waited and waited for it to reduce. Patience is not one of my attributes but it paid off. After what seemed like an eternity I ended up snagging it for $50. Probably the most well used $50 I’ve ever spent!

This afternoon we played hooligans, investigating abandoned buildings and such. I don’t know why, Ive just always liked that. I think I kinda had a misguided youth kinda thing going on with the hair and jacket so lucky none called the cops. That would have been super annoying…

Notice the can of petrol… I think someone had ideas for this building….

I love it. Every window smashed and half boarded up. All the insides of the building just decayed and left to rot.

The paints peeling off. Get it? Reference to my chosen song for a change!

The Jesus t-shirt is a joke. Everyone realises that right? RIGHT?!

Tee: Vintage, Skirt: IT’s a mystery!, Tights: Rubi, Cardigan: Miss Shop, Coat: Cheekee, Socks: Target, Boots: Mollini, Jewels: Diva