I’m Only Happy When The News Is Bad.

I really don’t have a whole lot to say. Well I do, but it’s all poor me and moaning and groaning and I really just can’t be bothered with all that. Long story short is that my handbag and computer were stolen last friday and I’ve been in a bit of a dream state ever since then. It’s quite horrible how much my things own me. Sigh. In any case, I’ve been dressing for comfort and not carrying a bag around anywhere. Kinda nice!

Basically I’ve been hanging out at home trying to find something to do with all the non computer time. This is just me and the Sausage spending some quality time on the balcony. His favourite thing is to stare at the traffic. He can sit there for hours! I’m not too sure what’s so exciting about it.

Hair still blue. I think it’s stained for good.

Jeans: ACNE, Jumper: thrifted- Savers, Blazer: Salvos- kids costume section, Boots: Doc Martens, Necklace: Diva


She’s Like A Rainbow.

I’ve recently become super obsessed with cotton candy colours again. It’s something that surfaces in me every once in a while but this time it’s extended to the hair. True, I’ve been both pink and/or purple for some time now but until this morning I’d never really mastered the rainbow effect without looking all stripy which i loathe. I keep accidentally matching clothes and hair together too but whatever. One interesting thing about unnatural coloured hair; When you’re a teenager, adults and in particular old folk scoff at you. Well, different story when you’re an adult yourself. I have never had so many old ladies (I’m talking 70+) ┬ácome up to me and compliment me on my pastel hair. Apparently old ladies really do love a pink or purple rinse! I’m not sure what this face or pose is about but it was the only full shot where I’m not closing my eyes or making a worse face.

Jumper: Seed (kids), Shirt: American Apparel, Jeans: Acne, Boots: Thrifted (I refer to them as my Hooker boots).

I think this is my “I can see you taking pictures of me” face.

I really wanted to get a good shot of how I somehow managed to blend all the pastels into a rainbow effect. I’m actually really happy with it. I’m NEVER happy with my hair. This should explain why it changes cut and colour on pretty much a weekly basis. Pity this will all wash out in a few days. I’m thinking I might get some blue and orange dyes. Give them a shot while the platinum is still white.