about me

Hello! I’m Caroline! I’ve just turned 30 and have decided this will be my decade to actually do all the stuff I’ve talked about doing for years. One of these things is starting and maintaining a blog. On here you’ll be sure to find all my favourite things such as clothes, shoes, food, music, family, friends, lots of dogs and a whole bunch of bits and pieces.

I currently work for myself in the food industry and have just gone back to study again after many years. I’ve chosen to do fashion and textile design out of love and am relieved that I’m not as rusty as I thought! Making stuff and creating stuff makes me happy even when it doesn’t work. It seems like a sign of something I should stick at?! Amongst all of this I’m going to attempt to give this a go…

As for the girly, sparkly title, it’s from a Veruca Salt song. In a way, I will always be 15 and semi trapped in the 90’s. I’m sure this will make itself evident in ensuing posts.

So, If you’re here, thanks for reading!

Have fun!



2 thoughts on “about me

  1. Beamer, Pea, Chicken & I are really proud of you. It’s great that you’ve gone back to school to do what you love. I know it must also be a little scary at the same time, and we think you’re really brave. You are really talented with this stuff it makes us happy that you are are following your dream. I know it sounds tacky, but what you are doing is also a little inspirational. You have encouraged me to think about what else I might be able to do also. We will always be here to support you, no matter what. Thank you for being in our lives. In addition to everything else, you are my best friend. Remember that we love you more than anything and we’ve always got your back! xo

  2. Super! I only occasionally stumble upon your pics on facebook and only now came to see the blog – but thumbs up for the determination, I must say I find it super enjoyable to see all the pretty things you post, I am also so glad that you are doing fine and hope to see you some day again in real 🙂 Good luck with school! xxx

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