Kids Out Driving Saturday Afternoon Just Pass Me By.

We took these pictures over a month ago. I’m not totally sure why I haven’t put them up yet but the day to day busy busy has pretty much left me lobotomized by 10pm every night. I sit on the computer and stare. That’s it. To tired to actually do anything. Too tired to read anything. Too tired to get off the chair and actually go to bed. I’ll do this until at least midnight. It’s my weird tired routine. I think it’s winter. I’ve never much been a summer person but I keep finding myself looking forward to the warm. I try not to vocalise this as a general rule because the only thing I enjoy complaining about more than being cold is complaining about the suffocating heat. I need a perfect climate controlled 24 degrees all the time and I’m happy. None of this of course has anything to do with these pictures. I can’t actually remember why we were driving around the streets of Elizabeth on a saturday afternoon but it did find us some perfect back drops. These pics don’t do this property justice. It was way worse in actual real life than the picture. You can’t really tell, but I was actually extremely nervous  whilst standing out front of this house with Cobus snapping away. Big dogs were barking and all the neighbours were peering out of windows suspiciously. Just living up to the stereo types. I kinda love it though. I don’t know why but I find it so fascinating. Next time we might stay the night?!

Pants: American Apparel, Tee: Vintage, Shirt: Army Surplus, Cardigan: Vintage, Scarf: Flea Market, Boots: Betts, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Hair and Jewellery: Diva


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