I’m Just A Boy With A New Haircut.

I have a backlog of photos but I’ve just been so busy busy that my desktop just keeps piling up with them. These were taken a few weeks back now when our buddy Mike came for a quick visit from Melbourne back to see the old Adelaide people. We’ve known each other pretty much forever so when he asked for a hair cut I didn’t even hesitate. I’m either a really good friend for just doing it or a really shitty friend for playing Guinea Pig on his head. Hmm. Oh well, he got a Hipster haircut so I guess I did ok yeah?!

See, I look like I know what I’m doing….. I don’t. It was all improvisation!

Point proven. I got rid of the hair with my favourite house accessory ever. The hand held Dyson. He wasn’t so impressed. Beats a broom I say.

Looking good Mikey! Nice Zoolander pose by the way!

Like a pro!

Me: Jumper: Sportsgirl, Tights: Jay Jays, Boots: Mollini, Scarf: Rubi.

Mike: It’s hard to say really…


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