Won’t You Come See About Me?

Oooh I’ve been really slack this week. I’ve panned on updating this on a daily basis but haven’t quite gotten there. It was the last week of tafe on wednesday night and even though it’s only a few nights a week, I am looking forward to a couple of extra days of not walking in the door at 10pm. Just sooo tired…. I’ve been making the most of the cold slouchy weather though and these tights are ultra comfy. My little mate Alex at tafe hooked me up with them. She is a rock star! Speaking of rockstars… Is anyone going to see Simple Minds/ Devo & the Church in December? I’m pretty keen!

Action shot. Making sandwiches. Oh yeah, fun stuff!

I’ve been doing an awful lot of 80’s hair. You know, braid it the night before and wake up in a poof ball!

Tights: Jay Jays, Shoes: Vintage Escada from Claire Inc, Skirt: Supre, Shirt: Sportsgirl, Shirt: Valley Girl, Cardigan: Savers, Scarf: In the lost and found at Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam, Necklace & Headband: Diva


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