I’m Going Back To Charm School.

Homework and bookwork. Oh joy. That’s what today consisted of. I don’t completely mind though. I’m never in my house during light hours and it’s really quite nice to work in during the sunlight hours. Living in a glass house really has it’s perks. I’m not one for artificial lighting and climate and no windows so it’s a nice way to recharge in a not wasting any resources kinda way… Oh, that made me sound like a hippy. Oh well. I dyed my hair green too. It’s sorta gross but I kinda love it too. It doesn’t photograph too well because of the light but it’s minty apple green. It actually turned out the shade I wanted. I’m as surprised as you are!

I feel like I’m channeling Terry Richardson here.

Oooh, it’s all so serious…. My team of helpers looking on.

Shirt: Vintage, Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Sausage, Chicken and Von Krumm my helpers.


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