I Think I Need A New Heart.

One thing these pictures don’t tell you is that I’ve done a fairly good job of singeing off some of my eyebrows and half my eyelashes on my left eye. That’s right, they caught on fire as I leant over a stove. Lesson learnt: well not much, except that MAC mascara and eyebrow pencils are highly flammable. Catching even. I’m still a supporter though and my Ruby Woo red lipstick always makes me feel like I’ve put in a bit of an effort with my appearance when I really haven’t put in any. Or not much at least!

It was really hard not to squint.

Angry bitch face from all the sun squinting.

Dress: Kawaii, Belt: Vintage, Cardigan: Barneys Co-op, Scarf: Rubi, Boots: Laredo (vintage), Bag: Sportsgirl


6 thoughts on “I Think I Need A New Heart.

  1. you know, your looks are awesome and very layered. it’s always so warm here, it’s hard to do those layers, but i appreciate you doing them…when are you coming back to the states?

    • Layers are kinda essential for me. Ask anyone who spends any time around me and I’m layering up and layering down every five minutes. My body thermometer is completely out of whack so I always travel with extra clothes in my car, bag, whatever! Our climate is similar to yours too. Our winters get a little bit cooler but most of the year there’s not a lot of difference (apart from the wrong way around). No travel plans for a while yet but the US is definitely overdue. Nearly four years since we were last there. Horror! :0

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