Watch Me Unravel, I’ll Soon Be Naked.

All these years later I still get the sweater song stuck in my head when I pull on a big fuzzy jumper. Theres nothing better in my opinion. The bigger the better. It’s not somewhere I would have naturally guessed would have great knits cheap but Sportsgirl always proves itself a winner in the jumper and cardigan department. There is almost always some kind of sale or discount happening. This particular one cost $30 on super sale and is pure Angora. None of that acrylic junk. I love winter. The colder the better. Really it’s because I like getting wrapped up like a snowman. Also, I cant be totally sure but I think this is actually a dress. It’s hard to tell. I always buy about two to three sizes too big in jumpers so maybe if it fit it would be. Mmmm…cozy.Thankfully I got my stolen face back (Make up was pinched too) and I have my face back. Hooray! Thanks MAC girls!

So it’s official. Blue dye is the colour that refuses to wash out. I think I’m stuck with it for good now!

Jumper: Sportsgirl, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Shoes: Vintage, Scarf: Rubi, Bag: Chloe


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