We Could Slip Away. Wouldn’t That Be Better?

Well it certainly has been a super busy past week. Events going on all over the place but this past Friday at Coriole Winery in McLaren Vale was perhaps the nicest. It was my first visit there and I can definitely see what the appeal is. So pretty and quaint. It feels as if you’re just popping in to visit a friend. I went up there to help out my pal and business partner Simon who was putting on a bit of a spread for lunch. Being someone who cant cook, having friends who can sure has some perks. I’m forever living off of leftovers. Leftovers of the good kind!

Somehow, I telepathically knew that my dress would blend in perfectly with the orange Bouganvillea. Pity my camera guy for the day is a lousy photographer and I’m pulling the “just press the button” squinty face shot. Oh well, he made up for it with the food!

Necklace & Earings: Diva

Dress: Princess Highway, Belt: French Kitty, Shoes: I love Billy

Colours everywhere all year round!

Cooking up a storm (not me)…

Food in action.


This is Lentil. I think everyone could relate to him by the end of the lunch. Sleepy and stuffed!


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