I Don’t Go To Sleep To Dream.

Something I hate about changing into the winter season (because Winter is usually my favourite), is leaving the house and getting home when it’s dark. Puts me in a permanent state of sleepiness and doesn’t work for me in the photo department as I hate the flash. Today was the first day we managed to get a picture in before the sun disappeared. Unfortunately nothing exciting happened in the wardrobe department. Tiredness leads to practical and comfy clothes and  a rag on my head to disguise the washed out green patches from an experiment at making mint green.It worked until I washed it.  A reminder to myself that green hair is only for the bravest. I don’t think I’ll be trying again! I found this necklace a few days ago at Diva. Pastel painted gold flags. At least that’s what I think it is. I’m quite smitten with it!

Jeans: Cheap Monday, Top: Op Shop, Boots: Mollini, Bag: See By Chloe, Glasses: Vintage Rodenstock, Scarf: Sportsgirl, Necklace, Earrings & Bracelet: Diva, Wrist Cuff: The Trash Treasury


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Go To Sleep To Dream.

  1. Love your top, its awesome! 😀 Knitted tops are adorable.
    I like your sence of personal style, you dress amazing!

    Liked and followed!

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