Another One Bites The Dust.

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that some lovely local youths were doing a little graffiti out back of my factory which I turned a blind eye to. Well, the results are fairly average. I wouldn’t exactly rate their artistic ability but I do appreciate that a bland wall is now at least a little colourful and the badass (or no ass) chick does have blue hair. This only came to my attention as I stood next to it. Super!

Hair still blue. I think maybe it’s my favourite of the pastels. It seems to be the hardest work though. 

This is me making sex hair and trying to sun my pasty belly.

Shorts: Mink Pink, Crop Top: American Apparel, Shirt Thing: Supre, Belt: Junk Shop, Necklace: Salvos, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Shoes: Cotton On Kids.

Is it a shirt? Is it a cape? Is it a Kimono? I don’t care because it cost $2.50!

One great thing about having small feet is fitting into kids shoes and clothes. Cotton On Kids have squillions of cute ballet flats that go up to a size 6. Ladies with small feet check them out. The best part is they’re cheap. The even better part was that I got this pair and another for $12.99. Yay for shoes!


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