Put A Bird On It.

After a full day of sea sickness yesterday, today was very, very lazy. Head sore and stomach burning nothing much seemed that appealing. Comfy and warm was the way to go and I got about as far as the hardware store and that was it. Why the sea sick? I spent the day down on Kangaroo Island yesterday and it was choppy on the water. Motion sickness is a new thing to me and it sucks bad. What an annoying and pointless affliction. Never mind. I’m on solid ground now.

Anyhoo, I cleaned out some cupboards this morning and found this old junk necklace. No idea where it came from but kinda cute. I’ve had a hard time wearing anything bird related (not that I ever really did) ever since Portlandia stuck a bird on everything. Today was an attempt to overcome that! Now I think about it, why haven’t they done a segment on blogs and blogging? It’s sure to be on its way. Then I will be really embarrassed….

Crazy can’t be bothered doing anything hair…

Top: Dotti (super old), Skirt: American Apparel, Tights: K-Mart, Boots: Mollini, Cardigan: Sportsgirl, Scarf: Sportsgirl, Earrings & Necklace: No idea, it’s a mystery. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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