You’re Hanging Around The Day.

Happy Easter People! A great weekend just to hang around and do not much. Well that’s exactly what we did today. After tackling the Central Market rush for a few bits and pieces we went on a stroll through an old catchment basin by our old place. I used to go jogging through there despite the fact it felt like someone was going to jump me and kill me. I thought I’d show Cobus and was pretty happy to discover that none of the foliage had been cut back. Fig and Olive trees, Prickly Pear Cactus’ and Bougainvillaea everywhere. Strangely pretty!

Dress: Supre, Tank: Supre, Cardigan: Barneys Co-op, Belt: Vintage, Socks and Tights: Target, Doots: Doc Marten, Scarf: Rubi, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Headband and Bangles: Diva, Necklace: a gift 🙂

I have grumpy and ouch face because I tried to pick unripe fruit of a prickly pear. Dozens of tiny spears in my fingers. Ouch. Next stop leaning into the thorny Bougainvillaea. Really clever today!

This is the actual colour of my hair now. Don’t want to wash it cause it will fade in about two minutes. Damn.

Other bracelets from The Trash Treasury.

Oooh, a nature shot. This is what I wanted to eat before it destroyed my fingers!


2 thoughts on “You’re Hanging Around The Day.

  1. weird how we have those cactus plants all over around here, but i have never tried to eat one of those “apples”…they are a big favorite of the local latin community (that come directly from Mexico)…

    • Yeah they don’t do a whole lot for me really. I think medicinally they are quite valued for something? I can’t remember…. To me they just seem like an awful lot of (dangerous) work for not a whole lot of pay off. They grow like weeds here. Garden centres and nurseries aren’t allowed to sell it but if you pick up a paddle thats dropped and leave it where you want it you’ll have yourself a prickly pear in no time. They are crazy reproducers!

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