Dogs Are Everywhere, Almost Everywhere, I Go.

Oooh super lazy. A Friday which feels like a Saturday. Sleeping in until noon and doing nothing but potter around the house and take the fur children to the Dog Park. Lazy days means lazy outfits and Full moons mean crazy Dogs doing silly things at the park. Most entertaining.

Pants: EC Star (old and destroyed but I love them), Boots: Mollini, T-Shirt: Cobus’ very old somewhere shirt, Jacket: American Apparel, Scarf: Waterloo Plein Market, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

You can’t see that well but these pants have bondage hooks all over them. I lost the straps a long time ago. Probably a good thing.

A lot of scrubbing and some purple shampoo got rid of the green in my hair. It’s actually the colour I wanted now. I’ll be happy for about two days. So lazy that no makeup or earrings happened. A rare occurrence!

Puppies!!! Well not all of them. Sausage at the back made a new best friend the Australian Shepard on the left. Von Krumm made a new (sorta) friend the Kelpie. You can see his heckles sticking up. He thought he was pretty tough.

I love this fat dog. He just lay there like this with his feet in the air. Pretty cute!

Sausage and the new pal. I wanted to steal him and take him home. So cute!

Inspecting the funny looking dog. I think he was a French Bull Dog. 

Blurry but the cutest pic we got. Aaaw.


One thought on “Dogs Are Everywhere, Almost Everywhere, I Go.

  1. p.s. the burroughs t-shirt is from the now defunct ‘relic records’ in melbourne (just off chapel st). circa 1994.

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