The Swamp and The Playground.

Pretty much bored out of our minds, we decided to do something different today. Enter the St Kilda Swamp and Playground plan! I hadn’t been there in years and it was just as stinky as I remember. The mangroves are kinda amazing though and anyone who has never been there should. In 30 years I’d never seen them. Spooky weird!

As for the playground, it was all happening there. Totally packed. Last time we went there it was scary and deserted. I’m wondering what changed. I had a great time on the mega slides and the flying foxes. The teenagers hanging out there also got great value out of me. Apparently it’s pretty funny if anyone over 16 plays on the equipment. It was sooo fun though!!

As for the outfit, I bought out the MC Hammer pants. They seemed like an appropriate thing to wear on a slide. Whatever that means…

Me making a “this place stinks” face. It did. It really, really stinks!

Top: American Apparel, Pants: Supre, Sandals: Zu shoes, Hat: Rubi, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Necklace: Vintage, Bag: Longchamp

Super windy, and really not wanting to chase my hat into the stinky swamp. I think it would have stayed there if it blew away!

Flying Fox!!! Sooooo fun!! The Hammer pants didn’t even slow me down!

At the playground by a fake shipwreck. Kinda strange.

I changed my shoes. Sandals on loose dirt are not fun in my opinion. I’m a socks and shoes girl for the most part.

And Here is Cobus. We often make the joke that if he had a blog he’d be wearing the same thing everyday. Jeans and a black t-shirt. Today he broke his rules so here goes. I found it amusing taking a phone call in the middle of a silent mangrove. Technology good. Technology bad.

T-Shirt: Pop Killer, Glasses: Ray-Ban, Bracelet: Me (primary school!)


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