Cause You’re Big In Japan.

Today was probably what I would call perfect weather. Not too hot and not too cool. After dropping off my car to change the tyres (boo, I’d rather be spending that money on something nice like CLOTHES!) we wandered through town and through the Japanese Gardens on South Terrace in the city. So pretty. Unfortunately there were a couple of Bogan weddings going on (the bride was holding a stubby with a football club holder in her wedding photos) so it was hard work to find a corner where there weren’t people everywhere. We got a picture of the bride, footy stubby and all but it feels wrong to put her up here. She had that “I’m going to beat you up if you look at me” kinda vibe. Best leave her off the internets I think…..

Dress: Kawaii, Shirt: Army Disposal, Boots: Vintage Wasteland, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Trying to blend in with nature. Is it working? I think not. 

I’ve had these boots re-soled a few times now and the shoe man is just completely confused that I never want them polished. I’ve worked hard to scuff those toes that good. He doesn’t understand.


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