We Just Running Around.

I really, really like the days that I can just dress in jeans and old ratty t-shirts. I could do this everyday when I come to think of it but it feels like I’m having a day off when I reserve it for time to time occasions. We have drawers upon drawers full of old tees and I think the Harley Davidson ones always end up the winners. They are just so… I dunno… funny?! In any case, I was a passenger all day today and somehow managed to get through a hell of a lot of work and emails just by riding shotgun. I would like a chauffeur everyday so I can dress like a slob guilt free all the time. It sounds win win to me!

This is me being all nonchalant and I don’t care…¬†

Cardigan: Savers, T-Shirt: Vintage, Jeans: Cheap Monday (hand me downs from a 12 year old due to busted knees. I love the busted knees!), Boots: Vintage, Wrists: The Trash Treasury


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