Have Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables.

I only have a small list of wants. For today anyway. The internet is a dangerous place for lusting after goods you don’t need and can’t afford. Seems like a good way to spend a Sunday night.

Hope y’all had a great weekend though,  I have pre-mondayitus thus am uninspired to say more than I want all of this stuff.  How can you not get a little excited over a frock that makes you look like one of those ladies with fruit bowls on their heads?! Just lovely.

Also, listen to Shonen Knife people. They give great advice!

Lazy Oaf Fruit Punch Dress from Nastygal.com

Proenza Schouler PS1 tote from Opening Ceremony

Adorable Pastel Boat Shoes. Um. Yes. from Asos

Dannijo Drew Necklace from Dannijo

Miu Miu Red Glitter Glasses Harvey Nichols



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