She’s Like A Rainbow.

I’ve recently become super obsessed with cotton candy colours again. It’s something that surfaces in me every once in a while but this time it’s extended to the hair. True, I’ve been both pink and/or purple for some time now but until this morning I’d never really mastered the rainbow effect without looking all stripy which i loathe. I keep accidentally matching clothes and hair together too but whatever. One interesting thing about unnatural coloured hair; When you’re a teenager, adults and in particular old folk scoff at you. Well, different story when you’re an adult yourself. I have never had so many old ladies (I’m talking 70+)  come up to me and compliment me on my pastel hair. Apparently old ladies really do love a pink or purple rinse! I’m not sure what this face or pose is about but it was the only full shot where I’m not closing my eyes or making a worse face.

Jumper: Seed (kids), Shirt: American Apparel, Jeans: Acne, Boots: Thrifted (I refer to them as my Hooker boots).

I think this is my “I can see you taking pictures of me” face.

I really wanted to get a good shot of how I somehow managed to blend all the pastels into a rainbow effect. I’m actually really happy with it. I’m NEVER happy with my hair. This should explain why it changes cut and colour on pretty much a weekly basis. Pity this will all wash out in a few days. I’m thinking I might get some blue and orange dyes. Give them a shot while the platinum is still white.


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