I See Red, I See Red, I See Red.

Oh, I’m getting slack with this already. Mostly because I’ve raced out the door every day and haven’t had a chance to take a picture. That and I’ve been all daggy and comfort because the weather has been repulsive. I was pretty happy this morning to discover it was actually cool outside. What a relief.

Anyhoo, moving along, I’ve never really been one for the colour red. I claim not to like it yet I’m always surprised when I wear it and discover I actually have a bit of a weakness for it. Also, I’ve never really been into pants or trousers or slacks or whatever you prefer to call them. I’ve felt they are something reserved for tall people and people in offices.

So here’s me getting all out of my comfort zone and buying RED PANTS. Even more shocking they are BOOTCUT. One of my least favourite words and something I would usually feel was only appropriate for middle aged folk. Luckily, the pants were so long that when I hemmed them they just became flares.

Long story short, today I felt like a circus act and kinda liked it. I bought other pants too. Bolder even. This could become a problem.

Pants: Asos, Shoes: Vintage Escada, Shirt: Supre, Jacket: Valley Girl, Purse: Thrifted, Belt and Necklace: Vintage, saved from Mother In Laws Salvos drop off.  I thought I was pretty snazzy matching myself to the petunias. Stripy flowers. Who knew?! Sausage was trying to mimic the shape of the pot. He is still with head bucket.

Shirt: Supre, Necklace: Vintage, also saved from Mother In Law.

 I got pretty irritated tucking my shirt into my pants all day so changed before I went to Tafe. A nautical stripe always requires my hideous tacky seaside necklace. I think it’s my favourite.


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