We’re The Litter On The Breeze.

Lazy, lazy Sundays. Well, not completely lazy. It’s been a little while since I dragged myself out of bed at 6.30 in the morning for the Farmers Market but I still consider it a good effort on my behalf when I manage to get there by close! I really should try more often because I actually manage to do stuff like get loads of groceries for next to nothing and get all my seedlings and bit’s and pieces. It’s just soooo hard to get up on a Sunday (or any day in my instance). It’s no secret that I like bed.

After dropping all left over stock from our stall back at the kitchen/ factory we did a little suburban Sunday driving. Plympton Park on the weekend is like a deserted wasteland. We were lucky enough however, to spot some lovely local youths graffitiing a massive wall in the area. It amused me and I did nothing about it. I’m assuming they had the wall owners permission. Ahem. It was an old dilapidated factory wall so some colour can’t hurt. They were actually quite good!

I’ve been curious about this old deli below for some time now. I really wanted to enquire about renting the place but couldn’t track down a contact. Much to my delight, someone has shattered the window so I actually got to see what was inside. Totally weird. Ironing boards and old deli stuff that I’m pretty sure has been sitting there for fifteen years or so. It looked old.

Its totally ugly and crap. I find it kinda charming in a way though.

A bus full of people drove past as I was sticking my head through the glass and taking photos. I assumed they thought we smashed the hole but when I noticed they were mostly giggling I figured “no, they are just laughing at me posing”. Makes sense.

I was very tempted to go in but everyone in the area has bars on their windows and neighbourhood alert stickers on their windows. I knew we’d be in cuffs in an instant. On second thoughts, that might have made a more interesting post? Hmm…

Dress: Pari Shop, Belt: Thrifted, Hat: Rubi, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Boots: Waterloo Plein Flea Markets, Bag: SEE by Chloe 

We used to go on naughty adventures to abandoned and dilapidated places when I was a teenager. Suede and other Brit Pop was often the soundtrack. Trash in particular always sounded fitting! Love it!


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