He Could Lick Them By Smiling.

Oooh Saturday, the day I can dress like a teenager and let my belly get some air. The thing is, I never exposed my belly as a teen. Not that I can remember anyway. Whatever. I slept in until 12.30 today which is horrifying (more than 12 hours sleep) but could have kept going so it was a very, very lazy day. Boring stuff happened such as going to Officeworks and general grocery shopping. Exciting I know. I did however get to go and see a puppy. This always overrides any other activity I need to do or have planned for the day. My buddy had a loan puppy called Ziggy who is a 10 week old bundle of cute. I wish I could steal him.

Jeans: Supre, Top: K Mart, Vest: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Op Shop (old school shoes), Bag: Lula Pearl (I think? Custom bag store in Mosman), Glasses: Vintage, Jewellery: Diva

The fat pink belly and the puppy breath are my favourite parts.

Accidentally cute shot of puppy.

Sid and his pear. Such a goof ball.

Right now we are drinking Sake. Only because we liked the crazy, incomprehensible packaging. I couldn’t reach the glasses. Cobus thinks its hilarious. I guess he’s right.

Happy Saturday people. Here is some Bowie for your night.

Ziggy’s song. Of course.


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