Not If You Were The Last Dandy On Earth.

This post should really be titled “Me being a total Poser”. I took the hat off as soon as I left the house because even though I love it I feel slightly bag-lady-crazy in this whole get up. Hats often add a certain level of crazy to an outfit that  even I am only borderline comfortable with. I feel ok with full blown crazy in the winter time. It was one of those days where it seemed as though it should have been cold outside but turned out not to be. It really made this whole Dandy ensemble slightly restrictive. Oh well. My hair has also faded to the exact same shade of pink as my skirt. I love it but at the same time get paranoid that people might think I matched my skirt to my hair. I guess I kinda did in a way. I had no idea how much pink I wore until I dyed it. Weird. Hat: Rubi, Shoes: Vintage, Shirt: Cue, Scarf: Sportsgirl, Skirt: Kawaii Fashion, Belt: American Apparel

You can see the back half of my dog Sausage here. He always turns around when the camera comes out. He currently has a bucket collar on his head (this is a reoccurring thing for him) which I think he was poking up my skirt. This face is to express how awkward he was making an already ridiculous task feel.

And this is all the fur children. Again, the back half of Sausage, the sideways of Schnitzel Von Krumm and the front of Chicken. Can you spot her special eye? She’s half blind which makes her do very unusual things including looking ‘special’.

Unrelated (apart from the title): I love these guys!


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