It’s All The Same Thing, No New Tale To Tell.

Love and Rockets are embarrassingly one of my favourite bands and this caption never fails to express the current state of affairs. I have a dilemma. What is it exactly that ‘bloggers’ blog about when they have nothing to say? I’m only a week in and I’m discovering that the goings on of my day to day aren’t all that exciting. There are things that interest me and probably me only such as amusing conversations with customers, suppliers and just random people on the street but I don’t think that qualifies as material. I guess I’ll be sticking with clothes and music for occasions like these. Another not so surprising discovery is that I’m running out of places to take said pictures. I’m not quite brave enough to pull out the tripod in the middle of the street (yet) so the odd plant or piece of furniture will have to do. My friend Sara is awesome with placing a tripod in unsuspecting places. I might hit her up for some tips…

Dress: Kawaii Fashion, Shoes: Wittner (they are velvet and look like slippers therefore LOVE them), Bag: Thrifted

Apparently this bush thing is poisonous. I don’t know what it is. The flowers smell really nice. If I was into nature I’d definitely try to eat them. I was never one of those people.

Details! I think this bag is the cutest. It was $2 at a Salvo’s at Glenelg. It’s at that nice point in it’s life where the vinyl is becoming tacky. I have to make use of it while I can. My favourite thing about this bag was to discover a ticket stub in there to a “Song & Dance” event at Festival Theatre in 1982. It’s the same age as me! At least I’m not tacky… HA! Cheesy, maybe.

Enjoy the 80’s people!!


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