Fluorescent Adolescent.

I hate this weather I really, really hate it. It screws with my ability to pile on the layers and wear tonnes of jewellery. I like lots of ‘stuff’ and hot humid weather is not kind to that.

Enough of what I hate. What I love is my brick wall! Ridiculous? Yes! It’s very hard to build a new brick wall though that looks like an old brick wall. The brickies were both confused and horrified and claimed it looked awful because the mortar wasn’t new house perfect straight. Interesting is better than neat and tidy in my opinion.

Here is me doing I don’t know what in front of said wall.

Dress: Supre, Shirt: Army Disposals, Belt: French Kitty (from another dress), Boots: Mollini (I stuck the studs on), Bag: Longchamp, Sunglasses: Ray- Ban, Necklace: Junk Shop, Bracelets: Primary School and TheTrashTreasury.com


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