You Remind Me Of Home.

One really great thing about Instagram is that it makes everything look really pretty and glowing. It’s become my go to to get a nice pic rather than mucking around with the camera. Here’s an assortment from bits and pieces around my house and nooks and corners I really love.

Welcome! You may think you’re entering a minimalist and stark home but you’re wrong!

See! Ta dah! Colour. Our kitchen changes from a dark Indigo Purple to super bright Royal Blue as the light shifts throughout the day. I took a silver tap to the powder coaters and everyone thought I was completely crazy. Well, I think it worked out great. Who wants a boring silver tap anyway I say?!

Again, LOTS of colour. It’s hard to tell properly but these ceilings are 4 meters high. Almost double normal height. We have dangly lights that hang a meter too which you can’t see. These Ikea shelves are everywhere in our house. I think the trick is to make them look like they’re NOT Ikea. I could be fooling myself but I think they are kinda in disguise?

All this home stuff has been a super excuse to get crafty. My bedroom has grey walls and black carpet so trying to make it ‘pretty’ without being overly ‘girly’ has been a bit of a challenge. I think we’re getting there.

This is just porn for me really. I’ve never had my own bathroom that I can do whatever the hell I want to. Naturally I hammered loads of hooks into the wall to hang the junk jewels on. No landlord would have let me get away with this. Cobus is frightened to use my bathroom. He says it’s full of potions and strange things he has no idea about. Good point really.

One of my favourite things to find. Sleepy Sausage sneaking upstairs to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the downstairs dogs. Von Krumm the Wiener and Chicken the Mini Foxi cross can’t get up here unassisted. Exactly how Sausage likes it. He’s sleeping on a recently rediscovered blanket my Grandma knitted or crocheted, I can’t tell the difference, many years ago.




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