Taking care of business.

What a crazy week! I’m not doing so good at this. A few days in and I’m already playing catch up. Oh well, better late then never!

Wednesday was a busy, busy day for me. Work- playing adult being a rep, Tafe,  then a super cute show at the Fringe called the Love Birds. A crazy mix of operatic cabaret which was borderline drag show without the actual drag queens. Sparkles and feathers everywhere which is alright by me!

I started out looking all neat and tidy at the start of the day:

Dress: American Apparel, Shoes: Rubi shoes, Bag and Sunglasses: Vintage, Earrings: Birthday gift made by my friend Nat.

Here is a close up of the cute earrings. Hoping she opens up her Etsy store soon! Super cute!

I was looking a little bit more dishevelled by the end of the evening. It was a LONG day but I did manage to get one blurry phone snap of the Love Birds. I would be happy if I could dress like them everyday. Perhaps?


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