Are you experienced?

So, it’s the time of year that Adelaide actually feels like a real city. Stuff going on EVERYWHERE! Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Adelaide Festival of the Arts, WOMAD not to mention the lesser liked (by me) Clipsal races. With all of this going on it seems like the perfect time to be taking some snaps and getting this blog thing happening.

This past saturday Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Psychic TV played a small cozy show at the temporary Barrio venue to a very, very mixed crowd. A combination of goths and misfits that haven’t moved on as time has over the past 20 years or so. Perfect!

Before the show started the sky opened up and decided to rain on us. People scrambled everywhere with nowhere actually to go. The plastic ponchos arrived just after everyone was drenched.

This is Cobus (my husband) unhappily donning the wet weather gear. Sadly the miniature umbrella I thought i was so clever bringing, actually did very little.

A little later into the show everyone got brave and the glamorous ponchos came off. Mostly. Some stayed on. Most of these people are trapped in time.

I took the rain in my stride and went for the drenched rat look. Luckily I got a happy snap before the rain fell.

Leggings, Tank, Dress: Alistair Trung, Vest: Temt, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell,

Bag: Longchamp, Jewels: Diva & Vintage

Just in case you don’t know Psychic TV, they were kinda important. I think. I could be way off…. This is probably my favourite. Enjoy!

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